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Icy, Slow Morning {Daily Reflections}

Mother Nature pounded the hillside with sleet last night. For hours it poured as the temperatures hung just below freezing, leaving the paths down or up to the animals’ pins almost impassable. The icy ground was topped off this morning with a couple inches of sticky snow and we are expecting another one to three inches over the next couple of days.

We are taking it slow this morning. The kids were up before dawn this morning, feeling a little under the weather. We enjoyed a big breakfast – eggs straight from the chicken, bacon and a Saturday morning favorite, from-scratch pancakes topped with a little butter and warm maple syrup from Frostmore Farm. Delicious!

Not sure what we are going to get into today. I’m hoping to get out of the house for just a bit; both the kids and I need a little fresh air and space today. Spring just can’t come soon enough. I’m might even start some sprouts.

Happy Saturday everyone.



Snow’d In {First Snow of the Season}

November’s weather has been crazy, swinging from frigid single digits to balmy days in the 50s. We have also battled our fair share of bumps and bruises over the past few weeks, including a week long battle with croup. Although I know it’s coming every year, late fall snuck up on me, and to be blunt I’m not at all prepared. The barn is missing part of the roof, my plans for fence have not been realized and hay still needs to be stacked. But it is what it is and we’ll keep pushing through and keeping things afloat. I’m hoping everyone is on the mend and Old Man Winter will be considerate and throw us a mild winter this year.

Speaking of mild winters, we woke up to over a foot of snow on the ground; heavy, wet snow. Fingers crossed the power stays on. Here’s to a snow day.



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