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Another Laissez-Faire Beekeeping Season

I must start with a confession. I have become a bit of a laissez-faire beekeeper. This has been the result of trying to juggle a busy toddler, a pregnancy and every day responsibilities. Let’s just say, I am not confortable bringing Little Famer T to the apiary with me quite yet (gentle movements… not so much) and my bee suit won’t zip over this enormous belly anyway. I am thankful for my sister, Amy, holding down the ins-and-outs of beekeeping for me during my preoccupation.

Last winter was long, rainy, snowy and downright bitter and we experienced a lot of loss. We came into the spring season with just two hives, one of which was very weak. During the summer, we kept our hive numbers low and plan on spring 2014 as a rebuilding year with us purchasing package bees.

All that considered, we were able to maintain a single strong hive through the summer and harvested a single shallow super that equated to a little less than 25 pounds of honey or about 2 gallons.


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Warm Weather, Chance to Peak Into the Hives

As the mild weather continued, Amy and I got a chance to peak into the hives. Our two hives from last summer made it through the winter; one is thriving, the other hanging in there. Of our two older hives, one did not survive; this hive was weak going into the winter having swarmed numerous times in late fall. The other of the two older hives is strong and frankly a little aggressive. Anytime anyone tries to work with them they come buzzing out intent on inflicting a few stings. A couple of the ladies even followed Amy and I around after we had closed the hive and begun putting the equipment away. I believe requeening is in order, but I will have to enlist the help of a more experience beekeeper to help me with this endeavor. Read more

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