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Sweet End of Summer {Farm Update}

The air was fresh, sweet and a bit nippy this morning as summer begins to wind down here in the mountains. The nights have been cool, queuing the leaves to turn from deep green to golden amber and burnt orange in the higher elevations.


While this summer has seemed to fly by, it has been very enjoyable and relaxed. I have been resisting the urge to embark on any new projects and instead have been focusing on buttoning up what’s already been started.

The garden has peaked and is still loaded with produce. We are enjoying green beans, corn, zucchini, onions and peppers daily. I’m hoping to get the excess harvested and frozen to enjoy during the winter.

This summer more than any in the past has brought predators very close to the house. We are getting regular morning visits from a fair-sized black bear that lumbers through our woodlot and over the hilltop. He intentions appear to be innocence; however, we do suspect that he is responsible for the damage done to our Omlet Eglu. Just a few weeks back we came out to find the door to the Eglu run had been torn from its hinges and the contents of the feeder devoured. Fortunately, all the chickens were left unscathed.

The fox, which we thought had moved on, has returned and taken another one of our chickens; this time, our three-year-old Easter egger. He made another attempt at chicken-murder yesterday just as we were heading inside for dinner. His target was just a bit quicker, narrowing escaping, leaving the fox with nothing but a mouth full of feathers and fleeing with Asterisk, our lab, hot on his heels.

The new chicks are growing quickly and have gotten their mature feathers. Until they reached their full size we are keeping them housed in a separate run to prevent the older hens from bullying them. Hopefully before winter everyone will be getting along and can resident peacefully in the large coop.

Our two ducklings seem to be contend and happy, spending their days nibbling at the forest floor and taking dips in their blue kiddy-pool. We believe them to be Campbell’s and think that are both females. If we are correct, we hoping to be enjoying fresh duck eggs this spring.

The fencing project still looms and as each day gets shorter and shorter, my anxiety over finishing the project grows. I cannot go another winter with our goats in the temporary pin without access to their new shed. Fingers crossed that that project gets completed!

Speaking of sheds, we are putting the finishing touches on our small goat shed. It received a fresh coat of paint and looks great. All that remains to finish is the outside trim and stalls, which we are hoping to tackle this weekend.

With so much to do, here’s to a long, beautiful fall to enjoy!

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