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Awesome Craiglist Find, an Eglu Cube

We have day old chicks on the way, due to arrive at the end of May, so we have been keeping our eyes peeled for a chicken coop. Usually my dad would take on this type of project and built it himself from scratch, but he currently is undertaking major house renovations to his home so in this case purchasing a finished coop was the best option.

For a couple of year’s now I have had my eye on Omlet’s Beehaus (beehive) and Eglu (chicken coop), but both are a little pricey; a new Eglu Cube can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $1,700. While searching Craiglist, Amy found a two-year old, green Eglu Cube for sale in Blacksburg, VA and we jumped on it. It was in excellent condition and, being used, was in our price range.

I am particularly excited about a few of the features. First, it’s plastic which is suppose to make cleaning much easier. It has a large roosting area with a slatted floor, which allows droppings to fall through onto slide out trays. The lid and back panel can be removed allowing you access to the inside for cleaning. Second, it has some “security features” including a sliding door that can be locked at night keeping your chickens safe from critters. The 2m run that we have with our Cube has a dig guard to keep out those extra-persistent critters.  Lastly, it looks so fun. The Eglu Cube come is six different colors. I really like some of the brighter colors, but I am very pleased at how the green blends into the garden. I can’t wait to get some chickens in it.

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