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Kozi Up, New Pellet Stove

Sweco Furniture, out of Elkins, West Virginia came Monday to install our Kozi pellet stove. Three days and a very kozi warm basement later, I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

In my search for heat self-sufficiency, I have been looking into various options such as wood and pellet stoves; currently I rely on a propane furnace and electric baseboards. While wood seems like a great way to go, being home by myself with a little one most of the time during the winter means wood could be tricky. Handling firewood and tending to a fire would require a lot of work on my part. Pellet stoves burn pellets made of compressed wood byproducts and other biomass. According to Mother Earth, “the pellet-heating lifestyle fits somewhere between the automated convenience of gas, oil, or electric systems, and the hands-on requirements of woodstove.” While pellet stoves do require daily tending, in my situation it will be much more manageable. One downside is that pellet stoves need electricity to run properly, so I will still need a source for back-up power; I hope to purchase the battery backup system or a generator as soon as my funds allow.

At around 40,000 Btu/hr, the addition of this pellet stove to our walk-in basement will help keep our it warm and help heat the first story. With this, I hope to reduce our reliance on propane which is not only a fossil fuel but is also expense. Another fun fact that I discovered via Mother Earth is that “Wood pellets produce almost no net climate-changing carbon dioxide if they are used as fuel…”. I am sourcing pellets locally from Hamer Pellet Fuel Company located in Kenova, West Virginia; the pellets are made from clean sawdust, a byproduct from their lumber operations.

Total cost for this project was around $2,500 which included installation and a skid of pellet. With the stove set on low, it is burning about a bag of pellets a day. I hope that the 50 bags will last me through the winter.

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