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Baby Chicks Arriving Soon

Needless-to-say, incubating and hatching chickens (and by chickens, I mean just the one we managed to hatch) was interesting. A lot of time, energy, and anticipation was put into Henningway, only to have him become our neighbor’s dogs’ mid-afternoon snack.

Well, we must move on, so I ordered seven Black Australorp chicks from My Pet Chicken due to arrive May 29th. I hope to convince my Dad to build a chicken coop for them, since I don’t think they will all fit in the dog house. I am still thinking about purchasing an Eglu Cube but they are so darn expensive. I am looking forward to some delicious egg sandwiches made with homemade bread and fresh eggs. Who knows, I might even attempt to make the mayonnaise from scratch too.

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