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A Flock of Chicken

After 21 days exactly, the first and only egg begin to hatched. I was traveling back from Harrisonburg, so I missed Heningway’s, as he is so lovely called, emergence from life inside the shell. After he had time to dry off he was moved into a brooder where he will stay for four to five weeks.

Any hatchlings are considered a success when dealing with shipped hatching eggs. As we hope to have around five or six chickens, we are no considering whether to order more hatching eggs or go with day-old baby chicks.

It’s been just a little over a week since his arrival and the difference in Heningway’s appearance and level of activity is pretty amazing. He has a small chick feeder with a mason jar on top that he is able to roost on. I figure in a couple of weeks we will have to add some mesh netting to the top of the brooder to keep him in.

Day Old Heningway

Week Old Heningway

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